What do you get for Free ?

1.  Free Project Feasibility Call.

2.  Free Advice on your Project.

3.  One Free Site Visit to discuss your Project.

      (if within 50 Km from my office)

4.  Free Estimated Cost for your Project.

5.  A List of Professionals and Builders

     recommended for your Project.

Free Project Feasibility Call

SMS or WhatsApp to 081 230 4920)

Experienced Architect Thomas Falck is currently offering a limited number of feasibility calls for property owners in the Western and Northern Cape Provinces of South Africa.

About the Feasibility Call:

On this (30 minute  max) confidential phone call, you will speak directly with architect Thomas Falck about your project.  He will tell you:

          1. If your project is feasible and any potential pitfalls you  should avoid.

          2. The approximate budget you should plan to invest.

          3. The most common mistakes that sabotage a project and how to avoid them.